Male Multiple Orgasm – How I Learned It

Hey Steve here,

If you’re looking for the best ways to learn having male multiple orgasms (MMOs), then I’m glad you’ve found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading…

Because this is my uncensored multiple male orgasm story. The ups, the downs, what stuff didn’t work, and finally the one thing that did help me achieve my goal of having multiple orgasms. If you just want to see the stuff that worked, you can click here.

Don’t you know the feeling that you probably could have a lot more fun in bed and satisfy the woman you are sleeping with but you don’t know what to do exactly? That was the feeling I still had a year ago.

My wife never seemed truly satisfied after sex even though she said she was alright. BullS when women say it’s okay they mean it isn’t.

And apart from that I also always used to be jealous deep down (wouldn’t have admitted it at the time) at the amount of pleasure a woman could have… orgasming over and over and even staying aroused after orgasm while you know as a man … you shoot your load and it’s over. Sleeping time. And I used to do that way to early most of the time …

Okay so I went online to find something to eliminate premature ejaculation and give me and the woman I’m sleeping with more sexual satisfaction.

First thing I tried: Supplements. Bah! Forget it. I tried nearly a dozen, none helped and I even feel stupid nowadays that I even tried.

Next was cramping the pelvic floor muscles when I got too aroused combined with loads of kegel exercises for men (kegel exercises are simply training for the pelvic floor) … and while it worked to some degree it killed the sexual momentum in bed. I constantly had to focus even more on weird techniques instead of just being with her and enjoying sex for what it’s worth.

Finally I found something that enabled me after a couple of weeks of training to even have non-ejaculation-orgasms over and over and I haven’t looked back since.

Click here to see the guide I found.

Even though I absolutely don’t like the fact that this just some digital book that I have to print out myself or can only read on my computer screen I was so amazed by the simlicity of the method that I would recommend it time and time again. Honestly, this works so well I wonder why nobody even knows about this

I would publish it here on my blog but I am afraid this would infringe some copyright laws.

So thanks Ian … and guys: check it out. Girls: If I was your boyfriend I’d have loved it as a birthday present :)
(Well … even more so if they’d publish it in print)

Click here to see the website on how to learn Male Multiple Orgasm

Ejaculation Without Orgasm … Multiple Male Orgasm Gone Wrong

Today I want to draw your attention to an issue that happens sometimes (and it did happen in my case once) when learning to have multiple orgasms (male): Ejaculation without orgasm.

Male multiple orgasm training involves learning to not let the arousle take control when the ejaculatory orgasm is approaching. It happens though that while keeping down the arousal you go over the “point of no return” of ejaculatory orgasm and you the proceed to … ejaculate without actually having that orgasm. It feels a little like sneezing from your hips, it has all the accompanying physical symptoms of an ejaculation like exhaustion and the loss of sperm but no accompanying emotions of release and extasy.

Rest assured that it is normal and you are actually getting closer to your goal as you have at least already learned to keep down your orgasm … although it’s the wrong part of the orgasm. Upon mastery of this skill you will experience only the feelings of an orgasm but no ejaculation and exhaustion.

but waste no thought upon learning to have the emotions again, that will come naturally. Focus more on bypassing the ejaculation and you will have male multiple orgasms in to time.